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Problem using patched loader.c

Hi All,

One the developers where I work has attempted to patch loader.c with a
slight sleep (5 seconds) to occur before scanning for devices but now
he is getting a segv.  The original problem was that when we booted
from a USB device, anaconda would load, but then be unable to find the
device from which it was booted.  This appeared to be a race condition
where the udev files are not being created before anaconda searches
the bootable device list. This is one of the problems addressed by the
patch sent by Uday Prakash to this list on Jan 25.  He grabbed the
relevant portion of that patch and just added the logMessage and 5
second delay to loader.c.  The build completed successfully, and then
I copied the newly built loader executable into the initrd at

Here is the rest of his text verbatim:

  When the system boots, the last few messages he sees on the console is that
  the system is starting /sbin/loader, and then it is immediately
followed by a
  signal 11.  No additional information is printed.

  In checking online, the usual suspects for this problem appear to
be hardware
  problems (memory failures, bad disk/usb media, etc), but I can
reasonally rule
  those out as the problem only occurs with this iso (and I have
tested with 2 CDs
  and a USB key).  The problem appears to be in my /sbin/loader file.
I can loop
  mount the iso and verify the loader file was correctly copied into
the iso, it is a
  statically linked file, and attempts to run the /sbin/loader file
on my development
  system promptly drops me into a shell script (without an error).

One thing to note in particular, is that we simply are replacing the
loader excutable in the various images, we are not using the anaconda
build process.  So are there some other files that might need to be
updated on the media also?  Or could there be a problem with teh
logMessage not being in the po files?


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