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Re: [PATCH] .treeinfo

> This patch adds a new file to scripts/ called 'maketreeinfo.py', which
> works similarly to makestamp.py. It creates a file called .treeinfo,
> which is like .discinfo except:
> 1) it's in .ini/ConfigParser format, and
> 2) it contains slightly more information (and removes some unused
> fields).
> The patch also modifies buildinstall to add an optional --variant flag ,
> and to call maketreeinfo.py (*before* creating the boot images - this is
> intentional, see below)
> I left .discinfo in place, because I think it'd be premature to
> deprecate .discinfo right now. 

This all sounds good to me.

> Does this all seem reasonable?

Could you make maketreeinfo.py not be interactive?  If the script's not
provided with information it requires, I'd rather see it use a
reasonable default or blow up with an informative error message.  That
way when the tree build is busted the next day, we'll have something in
the build logs that helps us straighten things out.


- Chris

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