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Rebuilding / replacing kernel on boot media.

Hey all, was referred here from some of the OS-specific -devel lists.  I want
to rebuild/replace the kernel used on the RH/CentOS boot media (the kernel the
CD install process boots with and uses for HW detection, etc).  I've found a
few posts in your archives explaining how to go about this from a few years


Are these instructions still for the most part relevant?

I'm pretty sure I can get the initrd/vmlinuz stuff rebuilt on the CD, but I'm
not clear which kernel configuration to use from RH's kernel src.rpm.  Did
there used to be a -BOOT config?  Should I use one of the -smp configs or is
there a configuration elsewhere I should use to try and stay as close to
possible to the RH "defaults" ?

Any other gotchas I should be aware of?


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