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Re: pungi ignores a lot of RPMs when building CD image -> I maybe got it

Hello Jesse,

A while I had the problem that caused Pungi/Anaconda to install a
custom RPM with a case-sensitivity problem, which caused me to finally
stop using Pungi to build my installation CD.

But, I think I now got a clue that could have caused that problem:
I found the following problem while I was using yum in a different situation:

Yum always uses the default config file in /etc/yum.conf, even if
there is another configuration file is specified on the commandline
with the -c option. It combines both repositiories, and mixes several
thinks up if there is more than repository with the same name.

I have not tested it in combination with pungi, I do not have that
build environment anymore that had this problem.
Do you know where I should post this bug?

Kind Regards,


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