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Re: Simple addition for striping in fedora 6

Jeremy Katz wrote:
On Thu, 2007-02-15 at 20:50 +0100, Joel Andres Granados wrote:
Relevant to Bug # 134638.
Simple, very limited addition to allow striped Logical Volumes. Can't choose the number of stripes nor the size of the stripes yet. Working on it.

A few things --
1) Your diff is reversed.  And it has each file as a separate diff
instead of a combined diff with everything together.  This makes it a
bit harder to look at the whole
It was my first diff, sorry. I'll change the order of the files and do combined diff for my next posts.
2) Is this something that really makes sense to expose in the UI?  While
I can see having it in the backend code and exposed for users of
kickstart, I don't think that it's something which most users are going
to understand or want in an interactive install.
Good point.
I agree that the installation might be difficult to understand and maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to include striped functionality in the distribution but on the other hand I can think of a situation where the striped functionality in the UI could come in handy. Say if I wanted to install a great number of machines with a kickstart file generated by the first custom install I could choose my striped setup and then replicate in all the boxes. Moreover it could be shown only if a parameter is passed to the anaconda script. something like --show-striped, in this way only the advanced users would be able to see it. I'm not saying that its done, given that all my striped code is hard coded into the gui code, but it is a possibility. This can also be considered as a workaround, For anyone that wants the striped options in the gui we can point them to the files, they can create a RHupdated or updates.img with them and have the functionality.

3) Duplicating all of the args for lvcreate isn't what you want.  It's
far better to figure out when we need to pass more options and then just
extend the list rather than having to maintain two nearly identical
chunks of code
I agree. I realized this after the function was done. I didn't know how the lvm command worked so I coded another lvcreate command thinking I needed it.


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