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Re: Need help wth kickstart setup of network devices. ifcfg files being renamed to .bak

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OK I found it! The networking code in FC6 includes some clevers with HWADDR that reames the ifcfg file and writes its own version ... not sure why as I do not have the dhclient installed but there you go.

Howard Wilkinson wrote:
Can anybody point me to the code that is renaming the ifcfg-<device> files I am creating in the post install part of kickstart. They end up as ifcfg<device>.bak and get replaced by DHCP entries. As we run our servers with bonded interfaces I need to get these device to come up as slaves to the bond device which has a static address.

I know this happens after the %post section has run and I am fairly sure it happens after the reboot and once the rc.sysinit hhas run for the first time. I do not have firstboot installed or any of the system-config-* packages so I have eliminated them from the path. I am fairly sure it is not anaconda itself that is doing this, but cannot for the life of me see where it could be happening.

I am running a slightly extended FC6 install with minimal packages.

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