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kickstart and local USB device

It is soooo close!

fdisk an appropriately sized thumb drive:
make partition 4 first as 13MB and bootable
make partition 1 as remainder and mkfs as vfat

Copy the iso(s) to partition 1 of the thumb drive.
I used pungi to build mine, but as long as the kernel in diskboot.img supports usb-storage this method should work.

dd diskboot.img to partition 4 of the thumb drive (makes it look like a bootable zip drive)

copy my custom kickstart to partition 1
cp hammond.ks /media/disk

unmount /media/disk

I do this by simply right clicking the icon on my desktop and selecting unmount.

boot from the thumb drive on test system

boot: linux text ks=hd:sda:/hammond.ks

INFO: getFileFromBlockDevice(sda1, /hammond.ks)
ERROR: failed to mount /dev/sda1: No such device or address


<6> sda: sda1 sda4
<5>sd 3:0:0:0: Attached scsi removable disk sda
<7>usb-storage: device scan complete

Is this a timing issue?  Any work-around?

If I get the kickstart from an http server all is well with the kickstart file containing:

harddrive --partition=sda1 --dir=/

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