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Logical volume goes crazy when anaconda exits

I'm new to anaconda and to redhat. Been studying the code for a while now. My first objective was to execute the code from the files downloaded from cvs. (working with anaconda- I used the "/path/to/anaconda/anaconda --method:hd///dev:fstype:path" (/usr/sbin/anaconda --method=hd:///dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol03:ext3:/mnt to be more exact) command.

the firs error the anaconda reported was had something to do with the fstype. I started debuging the code and noticed that in the isys.py file on line 202 the fstype variable was passed as "ext3:" and not as "ext3" as I expected. So I manually changed the variable for the algorithm to continue. and it did. I have read the bugzilla for anaconda, not all of it but a lot of them, and have found no bug related to this matter. Is this even a bug? I might be doing something wrong. Any comments?

The next error anaconda reported was on line on the rhel.py file in line 160 it stated that a key that was not present in the "self.taskMap" attribute was trying to be accessed. On debuging I noticed that the variable was set to a different value than those stated on line 32 of the same file (shown in quotations). I manually changed the variable and kept on going. I also notice that you might be able to modify this variable by modifying the system variable _PRODUCTPATH. I didnt try it but I saw a hint of this in the code.
Initialization of taskMap:
   taskMap = {'client'        : [(N_("Office"), ["office"]),
                                 (N_("Multimedia"), ["graphics",
              'server'        : [(N_("Software Development"),
                                  ["development-libs", "development-tools",
                                 (N_("Web server"), ["web-server"])],
              'workstation'   : [(N_("Software Development"),
                                  ["development-libs", "development-tools",
'vt' : [(N_("Virtualization"), ["virtualization"])],
              'cluster'       : [(N_("Clustering"), ["clustering"])],
              'clusterstorage': [(N_("Storage Clustering"),

It has gotten to the point in which the script is looking for the image #1 and does not find it. The problem is that when anaconda exits the Logical Volume "/dev/mapper/VolGroup-LogVol03" that I'm using for the installation gets corrupted in such a way that I cannot run anaconda again using the same device. Moreover the "mount" has problems managing this device. After anaconda exits the "mount" command gives no hint of /dev/mapper/VolGroup-LogVol03, when I try to mount it the it say that it is already mounted or busy. In any case, I cannot mount it or un-mount it. These leaves me with the rebooting option. Which is very time consuming and would prefer other possibilities. Any comments???


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