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Re: Two questions about RPM packages

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Thursday 18 January 2007 14:47, Ali Majdzadeh wrote:
Hi Jesse
I don't think so. Because this RPM is a part of an installation process.
The order in which RPMs are installed is the issue, I think. Steven
suggested to use Requires tag.
By the way, the RPM mentioned performs some tasks regarding total
modification of installation, not only some self rpm related post install

Sorry, I think you misunderstood me.

With a kickstart (scripted install), there is a %post section where you can have things done after all packages are installed, but before the reboot. Sounds like what you're trying to accomplish with a package trick, when it would be just easier to do it in kickstart %post.

I agree that having a kickstart %post is the probably the best way get things done after all packages are installed in an automated setup, and probably using firstboot is the way to go for non-automated installs. However, the solution I recommended was meant to solve the problem of ensuring that all packages from a set of related packages are installed and then doing some post-install tasks - and most importantly, this need not necessarily be when the *system* is installed. I don't think I said that in the clearest manner possible ...but an example should clear it up ..

$ yum install foo
$ yum groupinstall "foo"

should install all 'foo' related packages and the execute something only after the last package in the foo dependency list is installed. A meta-package 'foo' with a complete 'Requires' section and a %post fulfills this requirement.

I think that was the Ali's original intent.

I don't know much about it but I feel the yum plugin mechanism might also help here. Ali may want to investigate that.

- steve

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