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Re: Bump CD size in splittree to 685 instead of 640

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Saturday 20 January 2007 15:03, John Summerfield wrote:
Why do you still hard-code the size? IMV it should be a parameter (maybe
with a default value). Some people like to create their own with bigger
images, and if I'm never going to burn it to any media, the larger the

It has to be coded somewhere (: One can pass a variable or set a variable when using splittree, I just thought that the default should reflect what we've used for Fedora 6. In pungi, I plan on making it a (semi hidden) configurable parameter.

I'm looking at splittree in FC6; it's hard-coded to 640*1024.0*1024, and I don't see a way to override it.

I contend it should be specifiable from the commandline, and the default value be set in a configuration file for the distro. The config file might also specify the product name (RHEL, FC, Clark Connect etc) and release.

And all this info should go into the first ISO image so folk can easily see how to recreate it, create modified versions etc etc. Of course, this is all beyond the scope of changing CD size....



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