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detection of boot media...

Hi All,

So presently today, as I understand things there is no way that I can
see to simply tell anaconda to use the media I booted from to acquire
the kickstart file.  When you specify "cdrom" that means the first
cdrom not the one I booted from (some systems you can boot from the
bottom cdrom).   In cases where I use a usb flash drive I have to
specify the precise device name, which makes the syslinux config
particular to a certain hardware and which port the USB drive was
plugged into.  This is posing problems for us when we try to
distribute one CDROM that just does the right thing.

I know where in loader to patch this, but what I don't know is how to
detect from what device I booted.    So my first question is how do I
detect from which device I booted?

An alternate strategy is to "scan" for the device.   Such that if one
specified cdrom, anaconda would look on each cdrom it found till it
found a device.  This could not be the default behavior, so I'm
looking in this case for a reasonable way denote this.
Would you guys prefer a --scanks/--scanForKS option to be used in
conjuction with the ks=$dev:$path URL, or some way to specify within
the URL, like ks=$dev(scan):$path?

With the find it I on the media I booted from would you like its
device tag to be something like "bootmedia:" or something else?


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