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Re: detection of boot media...

James Olin Oden wrote:
Hi All,

So presently today, as I understand things there is no way that I can
see to simply tell anaconda to use the media I booted from to acquire
the kickstart file.  When you specify "cdrom" that means the first
cdrom not the one I booted from (some systems you can boot from the
bottom cdrom).   In cases where I use a usb flash drive I have to
specify the precise device name, which makes the syslinux config
particular to a certain hardware and which port the USB drive was
plugged into.  This is posing problems for us when we try to
distribute one CDROM that just does the right thing.
Yes and no.
It is possible to put kickstart files in the initrd.img. In that case they are consistant: file:/my.ks

However, the location of the install media to be used in the install may not always be sda, especially on systems with internal SATA drives.

So that leads to the same issue: What do I put in the kickstart file to identify the location of the install media?

Another note:

When installing from a USB drive, grub will smash the MBR of the USB device at the end of the install. Not good.

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