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customizing an installer

Hi !

I'm trying to build a customized version of FC6.
As per following documents:

the steps for building it are:

0) Copy the DVD on /home/ublinux/i386

1) Select the rpm packages that you want in your distribution
and place them in //home/ublinux/RPMS

/2) Check dependencies
mkdir /tmp/testdb
rpm --initdb --dbpath /tmp/testdb
rpm --test --dbpath /tmp/testdb -Uvh /home/ublinux/RPMS/*.rpm

3) Remove hdlist*

rm /home/ublinux/i386/RedHat/base/hdlist*

4) Remove old RPMS

rm /home/ublinux/i386/RedHat/RPMS/*

5) Remove TRANS.TBL

find /home/ublinux/i386 -name TRANS.TBL -exec rm -f {} \;

6) Move stage2.img anaconda image

mv /home/ublinux/i386/RedHat/base/stage2.img /home/ublinux/

7) Move bootdisk.img bootdisk image file

mv /home/ublinux/i386/images/bootdisk.img /home/ublinux/

8) Copy selected rpms in distribution directory

cp /home/ublinux/RPMS/* /home/ublinux/i386/RedHat/RPMS/

9) Regenerate hdlist

/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/genhdlist /home/ublinux/i386

10) Determine package order

/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/pkgorder /home/ublinux/i386/ i386 >

11) Generate our own anaconda /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/buildinstall

12) Split distro intro CDs
/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/splittree.py --arch=i386 --total-discs=3
--bin-discs=3 --release-string="UBLinux 3"
--pkgorderfile=/home/ublinux/pkglist --distdir=/home/ublinux/i386
--src-discs=1 --srcdir=/home/ublinux/i386/SRPMS

   mv /home/ublinux/i386/-disc1 /home/ublinux/i386/disc1
   mv /home/ublinux/i386/-disc2 /home/ublinux/i386/disc2
   mv /home/ublinux/i386/-disc3 /home/ublinux/i386/disc3

13) Regenerate hdlists with numbers
   rm -f /home/ublinux/i386/disc1/RedHat/base/hdlist*

   /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/genhdlist --withnumbers --fileorder
/home/ublinux/pkglist /home/ublinux/i386/disc[123]

14) Mount bootdisk.img

15) Edit syslinux.cfg

16) Edit spalsh screen

lss16toppm < splash.lss > splash.ppm
giftopnm < splash.gif > splash.ppm
ppmtolss16 < splash.ppm > splash.lss

17) Regenerate the bootdisk.img

18) Mount stage2.img

19) Edit usr/share/anaconda/pixmaps

20) Edit usr/share/anaconda/pixmaps/rnotes

21) Edit usr/share/anaconda/help/[locale]

22) Regenerate stage2.img

23) Create a kickstart file

24) Add kickstart to boot file

25) Make ISO
cd /home/ublinux/i386
mkisofs -r -T -J -V "UBLinux 3.0 Disk 1 of 3" -b images/bootdisk.img -c
isolinux/boot.cat -o /home/ublinux/i386/UBLinux3-Disk1.iso
mkisofs -r -T -J -V "UBLinux 3.0 Disk 2 of 3" -o
/home/ublinux/i386/UBLinux3-Disk2.iso /home/ublinux/i386/disc2
mkisofs -r -T -J -V "UBLinux 3.0 Disk 3 of 3" -o
/home/ublinux/i386/UBLinux3-Disk3.iso /home/ublinux/i386/disc3

26) Implant MD5
/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/implantmd5sum UBLinux3-Disk1.iso
/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/implantmd5sum UBLinux3-Disk2.iso
/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/implantmd5sum UBLinux3-Disk3.iso

27) CD Record
   cdrecord -v speed=32 dev=ATAPI:0,0,0 -data UBLinux-Disk1.iso

The questions that I have are the following:
1) What's the role of hdlist, and what's genhdlist replacement in FC6 ?
2) What's the role of TRANS.TBL and how it is generated ?
3) If I want to rename the Fedora folder from DVD how can I do that ?

Alin Ilie

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