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RHEL 5 Installation

I am trying to install RHEL 5 , am having  problem in "Advanced storage configuration" dialog.

a.  When prompted to Select the drive(s) to use for installation , we have a button
     "Advanced storage configuration". I click "Advanced storage configuration"  
      button which takes me to a window "Advanced storage options".
b.  In Advanced storage options window i can see 2 tabs:
        a. Add iSCSI target --- This Tab is active all the times.
        b. Disable dmraid device --- This Tab is Inactive all the times.

I extracted anaconda- is on RHEL5-Client-20070126.0-i386-disc5-ftp.iso which i guess is running while installation) and saw the file "/usr/lib/anaconda/textw/partition_text".  As per the code i should be getting "Add zFCP LUN"  instead of " Disable dmraid device" as the second tab in Advanced Storage options window.

I am guessing that there is a mismatch between the Binaries running and the Source code given.

can anyone help me out. 

Prasanna Mumbai

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