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Anaconda RPMBUILD and KernelSPEC

Hello Everybody,

I am writing on this mailing because I have got a problem to understand how anaconda works with initrd.

Let me explain my problem.

I build a kernel package with rpmbuild using a custom SPEC file. This kernel uses an initrd.img file in order to boot correctely. I decided to use this kernel for creating an automatic installer for Fedora Core 6 using anaconda.

I built my CD sucessfully and tried to boot on it. Anaconda starts sucessfully and the installation is OK.

After the installation, the system reboots and at this moment I see that the initrd line is not added in GRUB. If I try to boot, the system restarts after saying that it is impossible to open the initial console.

After investigation, I found that the initrd file was not present on the destination system and I undserstood why.

In my RPM, I have a postinst directive which says to create the initrd file and update the GRUB entry using commands new-kernel-pkg and mkinitrd. But on the stage2 file system these commands are not present.

But, on a Fedora Default Install, we have a custom with an initrd.img file. So the thing I would want to understand is how and when anaconda creates the initrd file and how and when the GRUB entry is updated because I didn't find out where was done these operations.

Thank you for your answers

Best Regards,

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