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Re: gre and tunl0 interfaces automatically detected

Olivier BONHOMME wrote:

I have a little problem with a custom anaconda installer and I can't find solution in order to resolve it.

I made a custom anaconda installer in order to make an automatic installation for a FC 6 distribution.

While the network configuration, anaconda detects automatically a gre0 and a tunl0 interface. I declared nowhere such interfaces and I don't understand why anaconda detects them.

Do somebody know how is done the interfaces detection and how can i disable these gre0 and tunl0 interfaces.

Thank you for your answers

Best Regards,

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It is done by kudzu upon the first boot.

kudzu looks at /etc/sysconfig/hwconf to see what is on your system, and does a comparison with what it just discovered.

On the first boot of the system, /etc/sysconfig/hwconf is empty and kudzu populates it based upon what it just found, plus some fuzzy logic regarding what was done during the install. By fuzzy, I do not refer to a mathematical method, but its 'fuzzy' to me. :)

The benefits to this database are many.
The benefits of kudzu are many, including the ability to move a bootable hard drive to a completely different system and survive.

The down side is that kudzu must make assumptions in order to work.
Some of those assumptions are going to be wrong sometimes.

Good Luck!

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