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Re: About /tmp/cdrom

Phil Meyer a écrit :
Olivier BONHOMME wrote:
Kiyoaki Matsugae a écrit :

/tmp/cdrom is not in the chrooted environment ( e.g. /mnt/sysimage/tmp/cdrom )
so you must run your post install script in a non chrooted environment


Thank you for your answer.

The problem is that I am not in the chrooted environment.

Here is an extract for my ks.cfg

%post --nochroot
# Post installation script
# Copy distribution disc
mkdir -p /mnt/cdrom
mount /tmp/cdrom /mnt/cdrom

Then if I open a shell from the anaconda installer and go to the /tmp directory, I have not the cdrom block device

Here is mine, it works.

%post --nochroot
rpm --root /mnt/sysimage --import /tmp/isomedia/RPM-GPG-KEY-fedora
rpm --root /mnt/sysimage --import /tmp/isomedia/RPM-GPG-KEY-fedora-extras

Notice the name of the mountpoint ...

The way I found out how it was mounting stuff was to put in a df on a test run, ie:

%post --nochroot
env > /mnt/sysimage/tmp/stuff.out
df -h >> /mnt/sysimage/tmp/stuff.out

Then at the end of the install I could examine the file, or wait and review it upon first boot.

Its possible that a CDROM based install has a different moint point, this example is from an installable USB key method that I am using for a production method at work.

My requirements (currently) are to automate installs for devices with no network and no CDROM device.

But the above method for discovering what anaconda is doing: environment variables, and moint points, works and is useful for alot of things.

Good luck!
Hello Phil,

Thank you again for you answer.

I tried what you did and there is a thing i definitively don't understand.

If i make a df -h, I see the /tmp/cdrom mount point but if i list the /tmp directory, I have no cdrom block file.

Can it be a bug from my anaconda ?


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