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Custom Anaconda to see 32 LUNS?

Is there anyone out there who might have a custom anaconda version which could 
see at least 32 LUNS or more?

I have yet to find a way of installing blades onto 32 volumes which are on a 
fibre channel storage device. I must find a solution and was now told that I 
might be able to modify anaconda. Not knowing how to do this, I wonder if 
someone might already have a modified version?


This was my old message, things I've done/tried which have not worked.

I've tried everything I can find and think of or that has been suggested.

I have a Xyratex/MTI type chassis split into 32 volumes. I need to install 32
blades onto each volume so that I can remove the drives on each blade.

When I start a Linux install on a blade, it never sees all of the volumes,
only LUNS 0/1. I need to see all 32 LUNS so that I can install all of my

I've tried all of the following;

RHEL4, CentOS4.4, others. I don't really care what the distro is, so long as
it runs basic services such as web/php, qmail, etc. What I do need however is
that they be GFS/Cluster machines.

I've tried passing the information at the installers command line;


I've tried many variations of these types of commands with no result.

I've then set up a PXE boot server thinking that I might be able to pass the
options using pxelinux.cfg. Still no luck, it only sees two LUNS.

I've tried installing from network with a recompilled initrd.img from a
machine which was already installed and modprobe.conf modified to see the
LUNS. The donor server can see all of the volumes, the installing version dies
with a kernel problem since it cannot see the same already installed volume.

What in the world can I do? Is there a guru here who can tell me how I can do

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