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Fedora installer problem


Don't know if it is the right list to explain my problem.

When i make an install of FC7 by ftp with the boot command line "linux askmethod" from a FC6 DVD.
I choose all my package step by step, that take me a lot of time.
Next anaconda try to download packages but stop on first package and ask me to 'retry' or 'reboot'.
I have spent 20minutes to choose my packages and he ask me to reboot !!!!!

At this point there is a miss important feature : Anaconda isn't able to go back (it suggest only to retry or reboot)

Next i try to find what was the bug.
With ctrl-alt-f3 i saw that anaconda try to download on "ftp.toto.com/%2f/mirrors/....." When i redo all and change ftp path "/mirrors/..." by "mirrors/..." no problem.

Anaconda should be able to deal with absolute path instead of relative path or suggest to user to only use relative path.

Sorry for my poor english.

Hope someone can help me to find people who can solve this issues.

Thx all !

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