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Community ks.cfg directory proposal

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Would a community kick start directory/repository be possible? The idea
is that a body of kick start scripts would be developed by the
community.  So, if a squid server is needed, say, the
ksrepo/squidserver/ks.cfg file could be used to implement such a system.

1.) A repository of system patterns could be developed and maintained.
2.) The scripts may be helpful in testing future fedora releases.
3.) Example, snippets of ks.cfg code would be available to new kick
start users.
4.) Users could rebuild the CD set with additional files that require a
separate download.
a.) A place for %pre files would be on CD1.
b.) A place for %post files would be on the last CD in the set.

It would be great if these ks files were on the first CD for easy boot
time access, if there is not too great of a size impact.

It would be great if a person could override the defaults in a sample
script with an "include" file placed in a special directory on, say, a
USB key drive, local hard drive, etc.  The defaults to be overridden may
include things like a 192 non-routing IP address, etc.  This would allow
some scripts to be used as is without any script or CD rewriting.

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