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Re: Community ks.cfg directory proposal

Ugh ! too many typos ! Please ignore my earlier mail. Resending the mail with the typos corrected.

Greg Morgan wrote:
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Karanbir Singh wrote:
Greg Morgan wrote:
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Would a community kick start directory/repository be possible? The idea
is that a body of kick start scripts would be developed by the
community.  So, if a squid server is needed, say, the
ksrepo/squidserver/ks.cfg file could be used to implement such a system.
could you not achieve pretty much similar results with rpms in a
repository and just enable that repo at install time ? you could also
get the flexibility of storing them on whatever media you want.

that way people can still do their own ks.cfg's and have this benefit

- KB

I was thinking that if the ks.cfg files were already on the first
CD/ISO, then existing anaconda boot syntax could be used to locate the
files. This idea would make the scripts accessible to folks right away
without modifying the stock CD/ISOs. Modifying the first and last CD/ISO
are anaconda tricks to take advantage of the implicit "beginning and
ending installation events".

Your point is well taken if the repository will only be implemented as
an rpm.  Those who wanted to use community development ks files would
then have to install the rpm and then respin the first CD/ISO or use one
of the other ways of accessing the ks files.

If it is just a matter of customizing the packages to be installed, so that
one may develop specific 'targeted installs', wouldn't it be easier to have
repository of community comps.xml files ?

I don't know much about the latest in anaconda, but by the looks of it,
anaconda is still using the comps.xml to decide package groups to install.

I would recommend a customized comps.xml rather than a ks.cfg simply because a
kickstart is much more than just package selection, and as such, the
combinations possible with kickstart would never be "one size fits so and so

- steve

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