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Re: Installing both x86_64 and i386 RPMS on a x86_64 system

Brian Long wrote:
On 3/23/07, James Pearson <james-p moving-picture com> wrote:

I have my own internal customised installation tree for CentOS 4 that is
used for installs over NFS - I've added extra RPMS to my x86_64 distro
and updated comps.xml and re-generated the hdlist files.

This works fine in most cases - except when I have both x86_64 and i386
versions of the same RPM - only the x86_64 package gets installed (or if
there is only an i386 RPM, then this gets installed OK).

I know this works fine for x86_64/i386 RPMS that are part of the default
distro, so I'm obviously missing something somewhere ...

Anyone know how I make sure both x86_64 and i386 RPMS get installed?

If you look at the original comps.xml from Red Hat, you'll see a few groups
are tagged with <biarchonly>true</biarchonly>.  Make sure you have a comps
group defined with all your biarch RPMs and the above tag included in the
definition.  For example, "Compatibility Arch Support" is a group in RHEL 3
that has the biarchonly tag.

Thanks - that fixes it.

James Pearson

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