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Re: More thoughts as we go to git

Jeremy Katz wrote:
So, a couple more thoughts for consideration as we move to git.
Opinions, thoughts, etc appreciated

* Get rid of the ChangeLog.  We have the information in the commit
history and git makes it nice and easy to get that.  If we want to still
have a ChangeLog in the tarball, we could generate one when creating the
archive.  Doing this leads to a need to ensure we have good commit
messages, but that's largely the case already


Don't like doing the log thing twice (Change Log and then cvs or git log :)
Lets just do it once !!!

* Don't carry the RPM spec file in the repository; have it just in the
packaging repo instead.

IMO, its kinda nice having there, although it doesnt *really* belong there.
I would leave it there. :)


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