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Re: Let's talk about some F9 (and beyond) features for anaconda

Jeremy Katz wrote:
I'd like to try and get everyone working on anaconda who wants to see
new features, etc over the next six months (the Fedora 9 timeframe) and
beyond together next week on IRC for an hour or so to kind of plan
things out, figure out who's doing what and timing, etc.

Since I tend to be a fan of mailinglists over real-time chat, I'll just put my 2 cents on the table here-

1) obviously I'll be happily in the weeds working on migrating my proof of concept liveOS rebootless installer, into a proof of concept patch for anaconda that makes it a little checkbox somewhere.

2) if nobody else tackles it, I may see if I can add a file copy based installation method for livecd installs. This would be to allow the user to select that the root volume not be formatted, or perhaps allow the user to choose something other than ext3 for the root volume.

3) allowing package selection for livecd installs (with network connectivity) seems entirely doable and desirable. (just do chroot yum install/erase after the base livecd image is copied)

4) Jeremy has mentioned before that the F9 timeframe might see a refactoring and sharing of code between anaconda and livecd-creator. (they both install a system from repos to a fresh filesystem). I'd really like to see this.

I hope someone posts an url to an irc log if it's an easy thing to do.


Given that, we're going to try to do next Tuesday, November 6th starting
at 10 am EST (UTC-0500).  We'll be in #anaconda on irc.freenode.net

While somewhat short notice, I'd rather get this going sooner rather
than later and we can then follow up the IRC discussion with more here
on the mailing list (I'll summarize as well as posting the log).


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