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2 anaconda problems on Alpha platform/Debugging?


Yesterday I tried installing an Alphaserver with our latest set of
(AlphaCore) packages with a fresh spinned install cd.

version for spinning iso: (only mk-images.alpha added)
version inside the install medium: anaconda-

With .42 I wasn't able to spin isos yet - there's also some error I
haven't looked into yet. And I'm using pungi for spinning if that does

However. I noticed 2 problems:
1) Automatic partitioning doesn't work - it used to work in AC2, but I
guess anaconda was patched by someone. If I do add /boot partition via
switching to another console and using fdisk and then do a customized
partitioning I get trough that point - however, I would really see this
fixed upstream. I'll try to find the patch in old srpms.

2) Anaconda dies at the point of setting the root password. It spots
some error about not being able to lock the file. Sorry, the real output
I don't have anymore. :-(

However. This raised a question. What's the best way to debug this? Can
I somehow start anaconda on an installed system and do the installation
on some loopback device?

Any help is appreciated!


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