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Re: [PATCH] display %post scriplets failues

> We have many post scripts that we run during an install, and if one fails it is difficult to tell how or why.  I patched Anaconda to display the output of the log file if a post script fails.
> To enable this functionality, add --log, and --erroronfail to your post script.
> %post --interpreter /bin/sh --erroronfail --log=/tmp/foo.log
> if [ ! -f /tmp/check ] ;
> 	echo "/tmp/check does not exist"
>         exit 1
> fi
> exit 0
> With this patch you can quickly see the error message in the GUI/console without having to do any postmortem work.

I like this idea, but if there are a whole lot of messages from the
script, then the dialog is going to be huge.  I'm working on modifying
the exception dialog to be more generic so we can put the messages
inside a scrolled window.

Also I have added the script line numbers to pykickstart and anaconda so
you'll know which script it's referring to.  Haven't committed any of
this stuff to the repo quite yet though.

- Chris

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