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Re: The move to git commences!

On Wed, 2007-11-07 at 14:32 +0100, Martin Sivak wrote:
> I just noticed, some of us use wrong email in the commit messages.
> So make sure you have correct settings in enviroment variables:
> It is possible to use configuration file too, but I just prefer this,
> because it is easier to change temporarily.

Whereas I tend to use the config and set it once and have it always

git config --global user.name My Name
git config --global user.email myemail myhost com

Other handy git config options I have set while I'm thinking about it.

sendmail.smtpserver=my.smart.host -- smart host to send mail through
with git-send-email

color.diff=auto, color.status=auto and color.branch=auto -- these give
me colored output when I'm on a terminal

apply.whitespace=strip has git-apply strip trailing whitespaces

merge.summary=1 makes it so that merge commits have a summary of the
commits which were merged


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