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Re: Block device encryption support

On Mon, 2007-11-12 at 09:36 +0100, Alexander Todorov wrote:
> David Lehman wrote:
> > I've made an initial attempt at support for creating LUKS-encrypted
> > partitions at install time. A patch is available here:
> > 
> >   http://dlehman.fedorapeople.org/anaconda-fscrypto-20071109.patch
> Just for the record:
> Do you plan to support external USB sticks(smart cards) for 
> saving/loading passwords?
> I will assume this is a must have feature once the crypto stuff is in place.

Personally, I think that supporting 10 different types of setting up
crypto in the installer is insanity.  The UI will get incredibly out of
hand (not to mention the code).  Especially with the fact that luks
allows you to add things after the fact, I'd lean more towards using
that and _just_ letting people do passphrases at install time.

A real look through the patch hopefully forthcoming later today or


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