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Re: New feature page

Jeremy Katz wrote:
I've taken the discussions from the IRC meeting and tried to distill
things into separate pages with owners, etc and also to integrate it
into the rest of the bits on the wiki.  If I missed something, let me
know or just add it yourself. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/Features


I have copied & resized ntfs partitions several times using commandline tools - ntfsclone and its friends. I've never needed ntfs-3g.

btw the fitst installer I used that resizes ntfs was suse9 - came on Linux Format DVD. Very nice, I like the slider.

Not related to sizing, but specifying sizes in megabytes is a pain when one wants to allocate in gigabytes. How about numbers with suffixes. M, G and T would be good for starters, maybe T to allow for expansion.



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