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Re: Generating comps.xml

As far I know, a tool by name revisor should do what you are suggesting as well as some more things. But, revisor reads from an existing comps file and writes it out into another as per user's selection. It doesnot give support for addiing/modifying/deleting categories and groups in the GUI. Myself and one of my friends are interested in precisely the same. We are modifying revisor's python scripts for doing the same.

With Regards,
Prasad H. L.

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Subject: Generating comps.xml

I've found this quite old document explaining the comps.xml structure:

It mentions the getfullcomps.py script to generate the package sections
of comps.xml. My comps-extras package contains only images and no

Is comps.xml produced manually nowadays? Is there any tool to automate 
comps.xml generation? If not is anybody interested in implementing such
a tool? Is there a need for one?


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