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Re: Generating comps.xml

Prasad H.L. wrote:
As far I know, a tool by name revisor should do what you are suggesting as well as some more things. But, revisor reads from an existing comps file and writes it out into another as per user's selection. It doesnot give support for addiing/modifying/deleting categories and groups in the GUI. Myself and one of my friends are interested in precisely the same. We are modifying revisor's python scripts for doing the same.

Yes, I'm aware of Revisor and what it does.
Please see here:

What I am ultimately looking for is a tool that will generate comps.xml skeleton based on directory containing RPM packages. AFAIK no such tool exists.

As it's been long time since comps.xml exist and no automation tool is used I wonder why. Is automation bringing a lot more issues that take more time to solve that hand crafting the comps or simply nobody was interested in writing a tool?


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