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Re: Let's talk about some F9 (and beyond) features for anaconda

Hello list,
better late than never, here it goes:
feat: Configure yum .repo file based on installation source.

After installation the only .repo files that are present are the one installed by rpm packages. They point to official Fedora servers for getting a mirror list. They are no helpful is installation is from unofficial mirror or a local one (e.g. LAN). In contrast when performing network installation with Debian, one is asked to choose a mirror and that's saved in /etc/apt/source.list This feature will save the time for configuring a .repo file after installation.

For http and ftp installs just take the list of configured repositories and dump it into a .repo file.
CDROM/DVD/hard drive install - N/A
NFS -N/A or some clever way to mount the NFS share, probably automount.
I would say N/A for NFS since http/ftp is the majority of installation protocols used I believe.

Q: Is there a substantial difference in handling http unified and split trees ?

Any thoughts are welcome.


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