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Re: Generating comps.xml

Dear Alexander,

I think it will be a good idea to start a project as you are recommending. 

Firstly, we were thinking of introducing a feature in comps.xml. Instead of having a flat category structure, why not have a tree structure? So, we would like to first propose this tree category structure to be introduced in comps.xml. It can be introduced simply by adding one more tag, say <parentid> for a category.

With this new structure of comps.xml file in mind, let me put forward my and my friend's views about the approach for implementing a scheme for modifying comps.xml.

1. Currently, revisor is a nice GUI except for the feature of comps.xml editing. So, we thought of changing revisor for the above purpose.
2. We noticed that revisor uses a similar (but not the same!) GUI as in pirut. As you may already know, the anaconda is already using pirut for displaying package selection GUI. Pirut is doing the job of reading for comps.xml and displaying categories and groups in a GUI. So, pirut's modification can be much more useful than modifying only revisor.
3. So, we came to one view that we will modify pirut so that it will display comps.xml properly. In the revisor, an inherited version of the class used in pirut for package display will be used. This inherited version will provide routines for modification (add/edit/delete) categories and groups. Also, it should provide an interface to drag and drop an rpm package entry to a category/group.

Waiting for feedback on above ideas,

With Regards,
Prasad H. L.

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Subject: Re: Generating comps.xml

Prasad H.L. wrote:
 > Myself and one of my friends are interested in precisely the same.
 > We are modifying revisor's python scripts for doing the same.

Hello Prasad,
it would be interesting to take a look at your modifications.
Are they publicly available? If there is enough interest in this field 
we can start a project and gather some more ideas before writing code.


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