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Re: Generating comps.xml

Jeremy Katz wrote:

Honestly, I'd rather have rpm not require the group tag and just drop
specifying it from spec files

I agree with that; if I were building my own distro (let's pretend it's ClarkConnect) from Fedora or RHEL, I'd prefer to decide for myself what the groups are called and how they relate to everything.

Having the groups tag just gives me something else to assess, to decide how or whether I should change.

What would be useful is a classification system. Everything that lands in /{bin,sbin,lib} is essential because the system won't work at all without it and nobody really wants to omit it, and maybe a little more might be fhs-essential.

This would be pretty much the absolute minimum required for an install that's capable of being booted and extended. It would be feasible, when creating install media, to preinstall (most of)[1] this, and package it into a tarball.

[1] If there might be some package selection that must be deferred to installation time (I'm thinking kernel maybe, but presumably the kernel being used to install could be packaged) then maybe that wouldn't be preinstalled.



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