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Re: More upd-instroot speedups

On Tue, 2007-10-09 at 16:00 -0600, Orion Poplawski wrote:
> On my test system, a minimal devel compose using pungi takes 85:25s,
> 62:29s of which is spent in upd-instroot building the minstg2.img and
> stage2.img trees.  The attached patch set speeds things up a lot.  The 
> changes are split into the following patches:

Awesome..  I'll take a close look tomorrow, but this is definitely
something that's needed looking into and there just haven't been enough
hours in the day.

> anaconda-time.patch
> - Adds some timestamps to the output.

Obviously safe enough

> anaconda-nocpio.patch:
> - Remove and old, unneeded duplication of the file lists adding "./" to
> the paths.  We no longer use cpio to copy files, so this just slows us 
> down (a lot).

Indeed.  Although I'm surprised it makes a big difference

> anaconda-yumdir.patch:
> - Re-uses the yum installed source tree of the minimal install for the 
> graphical install - saving the re-installation of the base packages.

This is one I've been meaning to get to for a while and just haven't had
the round 'tuits.  Quick glance looks good, but I'll look again in the
morning when I can test it out too

> - Make some sub-directories yum was complaining about not being able to 
> access.
> anaconda-ldso.patch:
> - This doesn't actually work yet, but it tries to do the following:
> - Fixes the code to find and install shared library dependencies
> - removes those libraries from being explicitly listed in the file lists.
> - Other list cleanup
> - This might actually slow us back down, but it does fix what appears to 
> have been completely broken and makes adding new binaries easier.

Woohoo!  Someone else sat down to do this :-)  I noticed it was broken
right before test2, but we needed to get the test release out the door
and I said "I'll get back to it afterwards".  Which, of course, I
haven't.  If you get this, I definitely owe you beer.

> Does this seem useful?  If not, it might be best to just rip it out of 
> upd-instroot altogether.
> anaconda-find.patch:
> - If a file spec does not use wildcards (?, [], or *), just deal with
> the single item (don't use find).
> - If a file spec uses wildcards, find the directory we are searching and
> just search that path rather than the whole source image.

Also looks good, though again needs a not late night look.

> anaconda-noscripts.patch:
> - Use "tsflags=nodocs noscripts notriggers" to avoid extra rpm 
> transactions.

This one I'm less sure about -- I'd like to actually be able to get rid
of a lot of the other junk in upd-instroot that duplicates the working
being done by package scriptlets.  While it might cost us in build time,
the savings in maintenance seem like they're worth it.


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