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Re: More upd-instroot speedups

Jeremy Katz wrote:
Okay, given where we are as far as freezes and such, I'm being a little
selective in application for now.
On Tue, 2007-10-09 at 16:00 -0600, Orion Poplawski wrote:

Applied this

This has some problems. Instead, let's just apply the attached. The extra tests doesn't seem to provide much speedup, and definitely breaks some cases (symbolic links in particular).

Orion Poplawski
Technical Manager                     303-415-9701 x222
NWRA/CoRA Division                    FAX: 303-415-9702
3380 Mitchell Lane                  orion cora nwra com
Boulder, CO 80301              http://www.cora.nwra.com
--- anaconda-	2007-10-10 10:14:51.000000000 -0600
+++ anaconda-	2007-10-10 10:15:27.000000000 -0600
@@ -187,7 +187,9 @@
     echo `date` "Installing files"
     pushd $YUMDIR >/dev/null
     cat $KEEPFILES | while read spec ; do
-      for filespec in `find . -path "./$spec"` ; do
+      #Pull off path
+      path=`echo "$spec" | sed 's,\([^[*\?]*\)/.*,\1,'`
+      for filespec in `find ./$path -path "./$spec"` ; do
 	if [ ! -e $filespec ]; then
 	elif [ ! -d $filespec ]; then

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