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Re: anaconda branched for f8, git coming soon

Jeremy Katz wrote:
FYI -- I've now branched anaconda in the final lead-up to Fedora 8.
Critical fixes needed for Fedora 8 should be committed to both the
f8-branch as well as HEAD.  Development will start to roll on again on

Also, we're planning to do the move of anaconda to be hosted in git on
git.fedoraproject.org the beginning of next week.  The full history will
be imported and commits to elvis will be blocked at that point.  I'll
send a more complete rundown of checkout instructions, etc then as well.
In addition to anaconda, we're going to move booty, rhpl, pykickstart,
system-config-kickstart, and pyblock.


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Think is the best news I have received today.
hooray for git !!!

Joel Andres Granados
Red Hat / Brno, Czech Republic

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