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Re: speaking of time

Jeremy Katz wrote:
On Fri, 2007-10-26 at 12:51 -0700, Curtis Doty wrote:
Could anaconda automatically do something similar if a network is available?

Unfortunately, people get really upset if you go off and hit network
services automatically due to an assumption of it being "phoning home"
or similar malware.  Even when it's something as innocuous as a time

I don't like it hitting foreign time servers because it times out. There's a good chance of dialup users (and I wer won till recently) not being connected when they install.

Using my dhcp-provided time server is entirely appropriate, and precisely what I expect.

Also, you have to be careful in how you do time syncing as it makes a
difference for whether you want to be using the hwclock as UTC or not

The OP might (I say might carefully). I regularly see files timestamped in the future by a few hours after installing.

I've always assumed its because of my eight hours from UTC.

Americans, of course, would not see this, because they're the wrong side of the Royal Observatory.

Probably, it would be alleviated if Anaconda were to set the clock once the timezone's known.

btw Once I've chosen my locality (Perth, Western Australia) why aren't other questions informed by that choice? Australians almost universally speak English (and lacking an Australian dictionary would probably choose a British one), use metric measure



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