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Re: anaconda / pungi with touchscreen

Sean Langford wrote:

I am developing a fedora spin using pungi for a custom 'appliance' which
uses a serial touchscreen interface; there is no keyboard nor mouse.

I have written a small application which uses the touchscreen so the
user can select either a full install or an upgrade.  The application
then writes the appropriate kickstart file to automate the anaconda
installation. I have read the anaconda source code and have 2 questions
I could not answer by looking at the code alone:

1) How can I launch my application before anaconda?  I've seen
references to /sbin/loader; but I don't understand how /sbin/loader
starts anaconda.  Is this hardcoded in the loader?  Is there a config
file that controls what application the loader starts?

How about calling whatever needs to be called in the anaconda file. you can just put a os.exec###() before anaconda anything is initialized and called. In this way you don't have to mess with the loader. And if its python you want to execute, you can import
your module or file.
For more info go to http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda, you might find usefull stuff.
hope it helps.
Just an idea.

2) A follow-up question; once getting the loader to start my application
before anaconda, how would I configure the x server to also contain the
configuration for the touchscreen?


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Joel Andres Granados

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