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Re: activeate encrypted devices.

> Looked at this a little closer and found out that we are ignoring the call of the function that checks for root if the ks file contains install.
> the patch is attached.
> review appreciated.

I worry what consequences this approach will have. For one thing,
findRootParts will alter the dispatcher's step list. A simple fix might
be to add the call back into setFromDisk, but only if we're doing

diff --git a/partitions.py b/partitions.py
index baf8faf..d266605 100644
--- a/partitions.py
+++ b/partitions.py
@@ -369,6 +369,8 @@ class Partitions:
         """Clear the delete list and set self.requests to reflect
         self.deletes = []
         self.requests = []
+        if diskset.anaconda.isKickstart:
+            self.getEncryptedDevices(diskset)
         labels = diskset.getInfo()
         drives = diskset.disks.keys()

This is untested, so it might cause problems as well.


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