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LUKS and upgrades

In F9, we used /dev/mapper/luks-<devicename> mappings in anaconda, /etc/fstab,
and /etc/crypttab. In F10, we use /dev/mapper/luks-<uuid>.

Obviously, this can cause problems on upgrade for anything referenced in
/etc/fstab and /etc/crypttab, as things won't initialize or mount properly
if they don't find the /dev/mapper/XXXX device they're looking for, and we've
had bugs reported on this. See bug 468955 for one example.

Yesterday, I started to investigate what would be required to migrate
fstab and crypttab on upgrade... only to find out we already do so. Somewhere
between selecting a partition to upgrade (in the GUI, not via commandline/
preupgrade) and the 'upgrade bootloader' screen, anaconda writes a
completely new fstab and crypttab file.

So, the questions are:

- Is this intentional? Are we actually falling down 'install' codepaths?
- Do we risk blowing away other user changes by doing this?
- If not, is this all we need?


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