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Re: pychecker fixes for rhel5-branch

David Cantrell wrote:
These were all caught by pychecker.  The patches to fix the issues
are here, but I don't know what we are doing with them on the rhel5
branch.  Hans mentioned one big pychecker bug we'll use, but I have
not seen that.

There are 2 bugs for tracking this, one for the simple one liner fixes (which I was able to recognize as such at the first run):

This bug has all the necessary flags and the patch will go into snapshot 3.

There is another bug for the ones where I could not immediately come up with a fix:

I've already attached your "ptplist renamed to ptpaddr." and "Add _handleIPMissing to NetworkConfigurator class." patches there and I'll attach your new "Use correct hash key variable in checkDasdFmt()" patch there now.

This bug is getting pre-testing by Brock, and depending on the results may get the necessary flags for snapshot 3.



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