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[PATCH] RHEL5.3 fix detection of raid ext4 root partitions


this is patch to fix 5.3 bug #470221 - failing search for ext4
on raid root partitions (concerns upgrade and rescue).

The value of theDev in call fsset.getFStoTry(theDev) made the
detection fail. Prefixing it with "/dev/" shouldn't break
anything. It even seems, that several lines below, the call
isys.readFSLabel(theDev, makeDevNode=0)
expects device node path, and also lvm part of patched method is using
node path in theDev.

I tested the patch and I am quite sure about it, but
there is also another prudent option to add makeDevNode
parameter to probe methods called by getFStoTry.

Thanks for review,

diff --git a/partedUtils.py b/partedUtils.py
index b8fc352..98b4b09 100644
--- a/partedUtils.py
+++ b/partedUtils.py
@@ -769,7 +769,7 @@ class DiskSet:
         for dev, devices, level, numActive in self.mdList:
             (errno, msg) = (None, None)
             found = 0
-            theDev = dev
+            theDev = "/dev/%s" % dev
             crypto = self.anaconda.id.partitions.encryptedDevices.get(dev)
             if crypto and not crypto.openDevice():
                 theDev = "/dev/%s" % (crypto.getDevice(),)

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