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Re: [PATCH] RHEL 5.3 #469700 - wipe old lvm metadata

Chris Lumens wrote:
diff --git a/fsset.py b/fsset.py
index 5b3b4e8..254e19f 100644
--- a/fsset.py
+++ b/fsset.py
@@ -2605,6 +2605,26 @@ class VolumeGroupDevice(Device):
if not self.isSetup:
             # rescan now that we've recreated pvs.  ugh.
+ lvm.writeForceConf() + lvm.vgscan()

Ugh, do we really have to do this twice?

- Chris

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Thanks for review,
I think it is not necessary, I just wanted to port the patch
in most coward/safe way. From what I read and heard from mbroz (lvm guy),
I understood that we might want to call vgscan because we change lvm configuration,
(there shouldn't be any other reason for calling vgscan in lvm2 except for
device addition/removal). The second ("woo") lvm.writeForceConf() is
useless so the two "woo" lines can go away.


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