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Re: [PATCH] allow kickstart to preexisting LV w/ encrypted PV (448129)

> The referenced bug is a failure to kickstart when the user specifies
> that we install to a pre-existing logical volume which contains one or
> more encrypted physical volumes.
> Joel's recent patch to Partitions.setFromDisk gets us part of the way
> there by prompting for a passphrase so we can look at the pv.
> The second problem comes when lvm, in all it's brilliance, returns
> '/dev/dm-0' from pvdisplay instead of '/dev/mapper/foo'. I have a little
> patch to resolve /dev/dm-X to a useful (ie: persistent) device mapper
> name.
> Comments, suggestions?

Looks okay to me, at least from a syntax/logic perspective.

> I'm also curious whether people think we should stuff this into F10. I
> think we should, assuming we will be building for it again anyhow.

We're going to be building at least one more time today, and this is an
F10AnacondaBlocker and will probably hit a decent number of people.  I'm
all for committing it.

- Chris

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