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Re: parted offers existing encrypted PVs when making new VG

On Mon, 2008-11-17 at 16:34 -0500, Chuck Anderson wrote:
> anaconda-
> I have sda5 encrypted PV with an existing VG on it.  I want to create 
> a new VG to install to, so I select a free partition and click LVM.  
> In the list of Physical Volumes to Use, sda5 is checked off by 
> default, along with the new blank partition I want to use.  This is 
> dangerous, because the user might unknowingly overwrite an existing 
> encrypted partition.
> This happens only when I enter the passphrase to unlock sda5.  If I 
> don't enter the passphrase for sda5, I'm not offered that partition as 
> a choice for creating the new VG.

Does the preexisting VG appear in the main partitioning UI? It should.
If it doesn't, that means we didn't detect it, which in turn means the
PV is unused and therefore available for use in a new VG.

> Should I open a bug on this?  Is this F10 blocker material?

Please do open a bug.


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