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Re: [PATCH] Do not show disabled repos.

> You can get testing on this at any time you want.  All it takes is a
> special fedora-release and a special pungi call.  These things take all
> of about an hour to do.  Or it you could have tested any one of the
> alpha/beta/snapshot/prereleases that had media since they all would have
> the rawhide box to check, which would emulate having the updates box at
> release time.
> Claiming that you could only test at release time doesn't work here.

I'm not really claiming anything, so much as pointing out the reality of
the situation.  Regardless of all the things we could do, we didn't.
And by "we" here, I mean basically everyone.  I didn't test it, I don't
think you tested it, I don't think QA tested it.  Or if anyone did test
it, it's working because I don't remember hearing otherwise.  Or if I
did hear otherwise, I've long since forgotten.

Oh this is fun.

We should do a better job of this in the future.  I'll talk to James
and/or Will about adding some sort of "pretend this is the final
release" testing to the schedule.  I'd like to make sure the bugzilla
thing works as advertised for final releases, too.

> Of course, my suggestion of throwing it out isn't exactly helpful.  My
> patch tries to minimize the possibility of users shooting themselves in
> the foot for the F10 release, so that something better can be achieved
> in the F11 release.  It's really too bad we have so little options at
> this point, but it is what it is.

Do we really think the temptation of the rawhide button there is going
to be so great?

- Chris

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