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storage rewrite bugs

I made a new bug, AnacondaStorage, to serve as a tracker for the
existing bugs and feature requests that I think we should address with
the storage rewrite.  I think this list should include RHEL bugs as well
as Fedora ones so we can get them taken care of for RHEL6 in advance.

Here's what I'm proposing to add.  Feel free to shoot down any of the
crazy new features.  By the way, I'm ignoring the bootloader-related
bugs here.  That seems like a whole different problem.

* 131312 - Disk Druid is slow for thousands of LUNs
* 149375 - Use file system label as default mount point
* 213882 - Not calculating space prooperly for --grow
* 219714 - Probing thousands of LUNs is slow
* 418781 - iscsi --target doesn't work
* 429197 - Be better about remembering choices in the UI
* 437443 - Errors when VG is already full
* 443184 - Error messages for mounted USB disks aren't useful
* 444365 - Detect Mac disk labels
* 447251 - Live install fails if there are active VGs
* 462496 - ntfsresize freaks out
* 466614 - Select the iscsi packages automatically on multipath devices
* 467899 - LVM1 vs. LVM2 extent size enforcing
* 467904 - anaconda doesn't find dmraid and create device nodes

* 150670 - Make a /home (yes, I'm going here).
* 248022 - Finish iSCSI support for rescue mode
* 261321 - No popups for ignoredisk disks (lots of bugs about this;
           we really ought to take care of it once and for all)
* 430084 - Add NTFS mount point support
* 447729 - Presentation of disks in partitioning UI isn't useful enough
* 455465 - Another bug about ignoring warnings on ignoredisk disks
* 455799 - Another bug about disk presentation UI
* 459030 - Another bug about disk presentation UI
* 461389 - Another bug about disk presentation UI
* 464553 - Better GPT support
* 464561 - Support more MD features

Crazy New Features:
* 134638 - LVM striping support (could probably consider this one to be
           "Support more LVM features")
* 261181 - SAN filtering support
* 291991 - Hardware-specific identifiers for storage devices (lots of
           bugs about these two sorts of things, too)
* 381641 - AoE support (here we go - the extra weird future stuff)
* 435402 - Detect existing /home partitions
* 463184 - FCP LUN discovery tool

So there you have it.  It's not actually nearly as long a list as I had
anticipated.  But then, I didn't include most of the tangle of dmraid
bugs we're seeing right now or the endless procession of LVM cache
reading garbage that seems to hit us so often.

- Chris

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