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Re: storage rewrite bugs

> > As long as you are talking crazy new features, how about reconsidering
> > allowing people to create a raid 1 device with one drive as part of the
> > install process, to make adding another device later simpler:
> > * 188314 - Raid installs should allow only 1 drive when using raid 1
> Hm, we've always avoided allowing the degraded RAID installs.  I'll
> defer to someone else on if we should ever consider this and why/why
> not.

While the request originally asked about degraded, it was later changed to
set up an array with just one device. (I didn't initially know that you
could do that.)

If you already have a raid 1 array with one device AND a file system set up
on it you can install to it. At one time I had a separate request complaining
about anaconda refusing to install to degraded arrays. It was explained that
this was a dangerous thing to do, and once I found I could have a raid 1 array
with one device that wasn't degraded I didn't see a need for installing to
degraded arrays. (As I have just been using mirrors I could easily set the
array to not be degraded. There may be some demand for this ability from
people using other types of raid where you can't do this.)

The advantage of doing this is that an element of a raid array has slightly
less space available than it would otherwise. So that changing to a raid
array later is not easy to do. The alternative is to manually set up the
device yourself, but it is easy to make mistakes do that as you don't get
the defaults from anaconda any more.

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