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PATCH: allow installing grub on the MBR if /boot is on mdraid.

Hi All,

This patch removes a special case when /boot (or / without a separate /boot) is on mdraid. For some reason we only allow installing grub to the mdX device then instead of allowing both the mbr of the 1st disk and the device holding /boot.

I've searched through the anaconda history and this special handling of mdraid /boot has been there since before Feb. 2002, it was inherited from before booty was introduced and it does not seem to make sense. Either we cannot have /boot on mdraid at all (in all cases except for raid1) or we can have /boot on dmraid (in case of raid1) and then it does not matter if the bootstrap of grub starts on the mbr or on the first sector of a partition.

This fixes 217176, note that is a RHEL4 bug but this patch is against master as it still happens there too. Next is fixing this for RHEL5 and then RHEL4.


diff --git a/fsset.py b/fsset.py
index c9cd098..b726985 100644
--- a/fsset.py
+++ b/fsset.py
@@ -1522,10 +1522,6 @@ MAILADDR root
             ret['boot'] = (bootDev.device, N_("EFI System Partition"))
             return ret
-        if bootDev.getName() == "RAIDDevice":
-            ret['boot'] = (bootDev.device, N_("RAID Device"))
-            return ret
         if iutil.getPPCMacGen() == "NewWorld":
             ret['boot'] = (bootDev.device, N_("Apple Bootstrap"))
             n = 1

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